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Musical Performances

Group Exercise

Social Events

Whether it's watching a movie, playing a game of cards, going on an outing, or just getting a haircut or some exercise, we have a variety of activities and outings scheduled throughout the day for everyone to participate in if they desire. We offer a full-time activities calendar each month and strive to provide a wide range of activities, shopping trips, worship services, musical performances, and other cultural enrichment programs that all of our residents can enjoy.

Sample Activity Schedule

Activity - Seeds & Starter Plants 1:00 Brigadoon
Bingo 2:00 Inverness
Catholic Prayer Service 11:00 Inverness
  11:35 Highlander
Activity - Walk or Yahtzee 1:30 Highlander
Bingo 2:00 Brigadoon
Ethical Discussion 9:15 At Senior Center
Lunch Club - Red Lobster 11:00 All
Library 2:30 Invernerss

Download our latest activities calendar (PDF)

June 2014 (675 KB)

May 2014 (588 KB)