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Don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of our families have had to say about their experience at Boardman Lake Glens.

We would like to thank you for taking such good care of our mother, Vernette Cauchy. She lived a good life for the many years she was at Boardman Highlander. The various staff members always treated her with respect, kindness, and a caring attitude. The food selections were widely rotated and always provided balanced nutrition. The kitchen staff was always willing to customize as needed, especially near the end of her life. The kitchen staff also prepared a special high fiber mixture for her that was much preferred to commercial medications. She always loved the evening desert cart. The staff checked on her regularly and came quickly when she rang her alarm. The building inside and out was always neat, clean and well maintained. She was allowed to have multiple bird feeders out in the yard outside her window though it surely caused a bit of consternation for the lawn maintenance crew. We always felt she was safe and secure there with fire alarm drills run on a regular basis. In the early years, she participated in all of the craft-making activities and her apartment was always decorated with her creations. Later on, she focused on and immensely enjoyed playing Bingo twice a week. She loved winning the Bingo prizes.

The grounds on the shore of Boardman Lake and next to the Tart Trail that we wheeled her down on occasion were beautiful and ideal. On one of her last views of the lake, she saw loons which was a thrill for her.

The Covid-19 pandemic created many unique challenges for the supervision and staff, not the least being how to manage visitors but all issues were handled with aplomb. When Vernette became bedridden, the staff did everything possible to keep her comfortable including providing her with a TV in her bedroom as her family was not allowed to access her apartment. A wonderful birthday celebration and even another similar group visitation was arranged on the patio for family to see and speak with Vernette from a distance. The staff was asked countless times to open and close her window so we could speak with her through her window and they always did it instantly with no complaint. Since her family was not allowed inside to comfort her due to Covid restrictions, the staff was her family in regard to personal touch and affection and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

You were valued and appreciated. Thanks!

∼ Cauchy Family

My father became a resident at Boardman in July of 2006. We were initially impressed with the layout of the facility. The apartments provide flexibility for individual needs, privacy, and very nice views. The entire facility is very well kept. After a little more than a year, I feel that what really stands out is the staff.

They have worked closely with us on all levels to provide a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment. They pay close attention to the individual needs of my father, both physically and emotionally. They encourage involvement in an abundance of activities. He has gained from the friendships that they have developed. He feels safe and well cared for, and that means so much.

∼ Sara (Resident’s Daughter)

For four years Boardman has been my home in the woods, by the lake, five minutes from Front Street. The residents are comfortable sharing our experiences with each other. Our staff accepts us as their families and care for us with respect. Yes, we have occasional glitches, but they fade away as soon as we remember the moments when we ourselves managed our own homes and there was a bump or two. Come and join us and feel along with us, ‘This is my home’.

∼ Eula (Resident)

We would like you to know how satisfied we are with the care we have received by all of our caregivers at Boardman. Recently I was pretty ill and with your help, Tracy’s daily visits and concern, and all the girls bringing in our meals, I don’t know how we could have gotten along without any of you. Larry and I would like to thank you all.

∼ Larry & Bea (Residents)

I always had confidence my parents were well cared for at Boardman Lake Glens. The staff was loving, professional, patient, and helpful to them and to me and my wife. My folks lived in a two bedroom apartment for the first 5 years, and after my dad was gone, my mom moved to a waterfront one-bedroom down the hall. After more than ten years experience with their staff, I heartily recommend Boardman Lake Glens as a great choice for senior living.

The staff flexed with my folks as their medical conditions changed over the years. When they first moved in they didn’t require any assistance, but as they aged, their needs changed. The staff nurse, manager, and key aides went way beyond the call of duty to help them be comfortable and safe.

The social environment is relaxed and welcoming. In the dining room, residents sit at 4 and 6 top tables and have plenty of time to visit during and after meals. The lounges at the ends of the halls facing the lake are welcoming and often used by residents for puzzles and socializing. Apartments were cleaned well and laundry service was good. And my mom was fussy.

If peace of mind, beautiful surroundings, and excellent staff are what you’re looking for, Boardman Lake Glens did not disappoint us. My expectation is that it will be the same for your family, too.”

∼ Linsell Family

As a daughter, I want to express my sincere gratitude for providing such thoughtful care. Mom was a tough customer, determined at all costs, to maintain her independence. You respected and protected her spirit as well as her safety. Mom was too physically frail to maintain her home on “her” side of the Bay of 40 years, and she reluctantly moved in to Boardman Lake Glens. She was private and demanding, and you accommodated her needs. All of them. When she needed them. Not surprisingly, after she bounced back, she told me she realized how lucky she was to be at Boardman, especially with her cherished little dog. She was always happy to return to her apartment and her favorite caregivers.

As a trust officer for 35 years, I have visited many facilities. Most of the places are not so nice, many places have a great lobby, and it goes downhill from there, as you travel down the hall. However, from the time we moved Mom in, until the day we moved out, Boardman was consistently well managed, friendly, and professional. The staff are personable, respectful, and informed. They pay attention to the individual and current needs of the resident. I loved walking down the hall to Mom’s apartment, hearing the staff interact with the residents, always cheerful, usually evoking a positive response or laugh. Like family.

My siblings and I were touched that her Boardman Lake Glens family came to the funeral. The stars aligned when we found Boardman for mom, making the last 3 years of her life as happy as possible. I would tell anyone looking at Boardman Lake Glens to grab the opportunity. It is a special place, a gem of a place.

∼ Anonymous Family Member

Thanks again and again. You helped my mom so much. It is a precious thought to know that mom wanted you to hold her. I know that your job is not always a happy one but to know that you made someone’s life a little brighter for the many things you do for others must be a wonderful feeling and to do it because you care for your people is surely a blessing to all.

We are so grateful for the care Mom got at Boardman. Thanks for all your caring and the many things you did to help us during the last weeks. Words cannot express the love I feel for all of you.

∼ Betty (Resident’s Daughter)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience while visiting Mom last week. Your compassion, kindness, loyalty, generosity, and cheerful spirits are the CORE of Boardman Lake Glens. Thanks for all you do, especially for Mom. Being 700 miles away makes it difficult to do all the “little” things a daughter does.

Thank you each of you for doing those things for her when I cannot. This is probably a bit difficult to read, but it isn’t the easiest for me to see when I write. God bless each of you.

∼ Marcie (Resident’s Daughter)